Organisational Consulting

Our services cover a wide variety of consultancies in management, finance, marketing, and economic consultation, performance development, policies planning, feasibility studies, preparing and implementing action plans that evolve in developing corporations and organizations toward higher levels of productivity whether at the organizational or individual levels.

And our services include but are not limited to:
  • Organizational reengineering: Setting up new and revamped organizational structure, setting up related policies and procedures.
  • Restructuring the Financial and financing position of our clients that commensurate with the size and activity of the assets of the company or organization..
  • Human resources re-engineering and development according to the latest paradigms that ensure attainment of the highest return on investment in sources and tasks.
  • Divisional and internal departments re-engineering that guarantee successful plans implementation and achieve the set targets efficiently and effectively.
  • Provide tailor forward looking solutions to empower stellar performance throughout the organization, its divisions, units and individual staff.
  • Draw objectives, devise short and long term plans and systems for optimization the sales activities, procedures and practices, from preparation of smart goals, to incentives programs, monitor and manage sales, which we offer directly to the crux of the matter.
  • Systematizing approaches and activities to ensure attainment of objectives in the most cost efficient manners..
  • Implement actions that shall help our clients become the employer of choice of productive, talented professionals, by introducing and implementing modern Human Resources Management and Development Practices.
  • Effective management of multiple communication channels between the various administrative levels according to the latest technological methods.
  • Setting up and implement Performance Management systems, Human Resources systems and practices, career path planning, succession management, new and/or reengineered job descriptions and quantified objectives, incentive plans and jobs related training and development plans and practices.
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) consultancy, designing system’s deliverables and preparing the RFP, supplier screening and selection. Execution, planning and implementation.
  • Review and evaluate activities of the administrative structure and prepare a strategic report on its efficiency and performance level.
  • Develop internal and external policies and determine its method of dealing with variables.
  • Conduct and monitor our projects implementation and application at the working field in our client’s centers.
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