HR Consulting

Focused objectives of the consulting services of human resources in achieving a paradigm shift in the work and performance of human resources and get them to follow and implement the internationally approved modern concepts at the major commercial enterprises, in line with organization strategic plans’ objectives, and the human resource considered the most fundamental asset of any organization, must be invested and developed according to the latest scientific methods and practical in implementation the strategic plans of the business, and these services include but are not limit to:

First: Engineering Human Resources Management :
  • Human resources re-engineering and development according to the latest paradigms that ensure attainment of the highest return on investment in sources and tasks.
  • Implement actions that shall help our clients become the employer of choice of productive, talented professionals, by introducing and implementing modern Human Resources Management and Development Practices.
  • Setting up and implement Performance Management systems, Human Resources systems and practices, career path planning, succession management, new and/or reengineered job descriptions and quantified objectives, incentive plans and jobs related training and development plans and practices.
  • Maximum efficient and effective utilization of the available human resources.
  • Achieve effective harmony between H.R goals and overall organization Strategic objectives.
  • Eliminate the loss of professionals.
  • Development International standards to measure Human Resources efficiency , productivity and profitability.
  • Achieve effective levels of human resources services cost.
  • Re-engineering functions, tasks and responsibilities in line with action plans objectives.
  • Develop feasible and effective incentives scheme system through the development of salaries skills, ranks, bonuses, allowances and various benefits.
  • Preparation of organizational internal regulations.
  • Prepare internal policies for recruitment, transfer, delegation, and overtime, work contracts, leaves, travel, and the end of the service, promotions and more.
  • Prepare administrative forms necessary to apply human resource policies.
  • Preparation of internal and external business ethics policies.
  • Prepare lists of sanctions and penalties.
  • Performance management systems preparation and implementation.
  • Prepare and implement human resource management systems and practices.
  • Develop and implement career bath planning, succession management, promotion, and retirement systems and policies.
  • Setting up new and/or reengineered job descriptions.
  • Define quantified objectives for various position at all levels.
  • Develop incentive schemes and systems also cash benefits to reward and motivate optimal performance.
  • Setting up of cash and in-kind commissions systems and schemes.
  • Prepare and implement tasks related to training and development plans and policies.
  • Develop appraisal systems and plans to evaluate various administrative levels in accordance with the Balanced Scorecard system (PPRF) in line with strategies and annual work plans.
Second: Executive Recruitment Consultancy :
  • Identify corporate recruitment needs.
  • Create specific Job description and identify qualifications required.
  • Locate potential candidates to be short listed.
  • Prepare recommended compensation package and various allowances and benefits.
  • Conduct job orientation and business environment for recent recruitments.
  • Provide advisory opinions regarding contracts, negotiation and finalization.
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