Training Consulting

The vast and fast pace of global development reached a limit where every day there is a new trend in our day to day business activities. The need to keep up with the global developments plays a major role in preparing the right tools to keep up with the latest developments globally and locally by preparing the right training programs to our clients for best practice and return on investments on organizational and operational wise.

Performance Inc Kuwait with limited liability established in 2008 in the State of Kuwait, and operate according to the purposes established in the field of management consulting, economic and marketing activity associated with the development of human resources, has been able during this period to implement several projects, organizational restructuring, strategic, managerial and marketing for many private sector companies within the State of Kuwait and abroad, as well as the preparation of a variety of economic feasibility studies, in addition to the preparation, designing and implementation of several training programs for the development of human resources at several points such as local and regional banks.

We were able to gain the trust of many customers local and regional partners in various areas of banking and finance, trade and communications, service and productivity, through a dynamic human resources multicultural and expertise devoted to customer service, and ‘commitment standards of quality performance, allowing it to grow and spread among different areas of business locally and regionally.

The company is Distinguished by characterize its team who managed the development of systems, plans and practices are the height of the practices tried and tested over many years of experience in various disciplines of responsibilities and regulatory practices and management, strategy and marketing, economic, we provide our services in cooperation with instructors and experts certified by:

  • Arab Society of Business Administration.
  • Office of Arab experts in engineering and management.
  • Arab Organization for Administrative Development of the League of Arab States.
  • International Company for training and consulting.
  • company training – Stalna Oman.

The company has its partnership laid out with the most famous training and consultancy leading organizations in the world as a strategic partner for the company such as (GBI) Global Bankers Institute, based in New York in the United States of America, and competent in the provision of management services business in all areas of administrative, financial, marketing, preparation and design and implementation of training programs internationally accredited, and the granting of certificates of training the trainees are supported globally.

As well as the strategic partner for the company (GTIS) Global Talent Intelligence Strategies, based in the United States of America, and competent in the provision of all services consulting professional of human resources by following and using the latest methods and tools to develop and enhance performance of various sectors in addition to professional consulting services of global financial institutions.

As well as the strategic partner for the company IFA)) Institute for Financial Analysts based in Lebanon as the exclusive agent in the Middle East and the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) for many an organization most famous such as Schweser Institute and Kaplan Schweser and institute of IACVA, CFA, GARP, all of which are competent providing specialized and universally accredited financial training courses, such as: (CFA, ICBRR, IFO, CVA, FRM, CMA, JIA, IFQ), and the granting of certificates of training the trainees are supported globally.

Training Development :

Performance Inc. Kuwait Consulting was established in 2008 with strategic partnerships specialized in providing training with most developed trends worldwide. Our training programs are developed to fit all training needs in any business field starting from the bottom line till reaching executive levels. We believe that we all need training to stay active, up to date and effective in the market.

Strategic Partnerships :

P.I.K strategic partnerships gave us the strength to keep our awareness level at its highest rate to stay updated with most global training trends needed. We deliver our training programs along with our partners who lead the global and local market in their region, our strategic partnerships are:

  • Global Bankers Institute (GBI)
  • Global Talent Intelligence Strategies (GTIS)
  • Institute of Financial Analyst (IFA)
  • Arab Expert Training Services (AETS)
  • World Islamic Banking Association (WIBA)
  • Egyptian Banking Institute (EBI)

Training Vision :

  • Achieving organization’s short & long term goals, by providing the best practice training courses and programs.
  • Continues improving to clients’ performance internally on individual levels and externally on product and service quality levels.
  • Bringing direct benefits to organizations that can be calculated as a return on investment.
  • Sustaining the highest standards of professionalism, profit and growth.

Training Mission :

P.I.K mission is to provide the highest and up to date modern trends training to improve, grow and sustain high performance standards on:

  • Organizational level.
  • Personnel level.
  • Customer Service Excellence.
  • Return on Investment.

We offer :

  • Certified training programs.
  • High quality training.
  • In-house training.
  • Bottom line results.
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