Performance Inc Kuwait Consulting Is dedicated to follow the latest practical and advanced scientific techniques when contracting with clients, we distinguished by the field work at the client location before starting the project and through all phases of consultant project implementation until full completion of the project and achieve the desired objectives, contracting with any of our clients going through the following phases:

  • Hold brief meetings with the client.
  • Conduct a preliminary study to analyze the current situation of the client throughout field visits.
  • Prepare a preliminary report on the needs required.
  • Receipt of a formal approval from the client for our required advisory services.
  • Prepare a proposal about consulting services in a presentation format.
  • Prepare and sign the advisory services contract by both parties.
  • Prepare action plans to achieve consultant project objectives.
  • Form joint team work to implement action plans and achieve the set objectives, include:
  • Project Sponsor, representing the client and be responsible for monitoring the implementation and commitment to the project quality.
  • Project Manager, representing Performance Inc Kuwait Consulting and day to day management & guidance in accordance with the agreed terms.
  • Experts, in client’s business sector and the consultant project.
  • Client staff to be involved in the implementation of action plans of the project in order to full knowledge transfer.
  • Include application in the field as essential scope of implementation the consultant project.
  • Provide the client with periodic reports about the work progress during all project implementation stages.
  • Provide the client with a final comprehensive report at the end of the project includes all accomplishments and final recommendations.
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