Economic Consulting
Advanced, comprehensive and decision enabling Feasibility Studies.
Prepare “investment opportunity study” for potential investors / partners.
Study, analyze and identify standard revenue on investment.
Study and analysis of available investment opportunities.
Develop and implement asset management plans.
Carry out due diligence reviews and submit corporate assessment report.
Arrange for Small to Medium size companies financing programs.
Assist in assessing loans portfolio and commitments and introduce better terms.
Represent clients in direct communication with financial institutions.
Conduct Competition analysis reports.
Identify Pricing strategy, communication tools and positioning target.
Submit Benchmarking studies.
Provide comparative studies, and evaluate achievement level and standards.
Carry out special and comprehensive economic studies.
Study and analyze the projects financial performance.
Prepare and implement solutions to manage economic, financing and financial crises.
Prepare and implement solutions to manage budgets in accordance with international accounting standards.
Develop and implement systems to reduce costs and increase productivity.
Develop financial policies and plans.
Design financial and accounting systems.
Develop procurement and commitment policies.
Develop financial procedures and control on the assets and inventory.
Prepare documentary for the estimated annual budget and methods of control.
Conduct financial audit and analysis and provide a special report.
Prepare financial alternatives to develop business activities according to strategic inputs.